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Sunday, February 1, 2009

I'm back I'm back! I'm back in KL!!

That whole journey was pretty much almost a 21 hour journey. From Melbourne to Perth to Singapore and finally to KL. Slept most of the time on the plane but really you just do not feel as rejuvenated as you would sleeping on a proper bed with pillows and bolsters.

It's a Tiger! Rawr!!
Tiger Airways

I came home at like 4 something this morning. And my sis woke me up at 11!! I am so freaking sleepy!!!

1:34 PM |

Saturday, January 31, 2009
  Singapore Budget Terminal

I have been travelling for the past 15 hours or so and am now in Singapore budget terminal waiting for my next flight to KL. Will have to board soon so I'll make this quick.


Hello "cooling" weather in South East Asia. See you uber hot 40 degrees Melbourne in two weeks!

8:25 AM |

Tuesday, January 13, 2009
  37 37 37 THREE SEVEN!!

That's gonna be the temperature today. 37 degree celsius. Gonna effing burn to death!!

But I have to say, it has been a rather cool summer. And I am thankful for that. As for tomorrow, I'm sure I will survive.

By the way Isaac, yes, quarter life crisis indeed.. Why the hell am I not winning in mahjong?!? Lost two days straight already! Even when my tiles are superbly nice, I can't win. Sigh sigh.. :p

It's bedtime again. Cause I have to wake up early for work. And I think it's time to look for a new one.

12:24 AM |

Monday, January 12, 2009
  I've never been able to not fall asleep

It's true.

I've always been the master of falling asleep. Everyone knows that.

But when you have so much on your mind. I guess now I know how you can not just fall asleep immediately.

I really hate how things are currently.

This sucks.

I am gonna try to fall asleep again. With some music just so my mind would not continuously work with the silence. Damn it brain you're working overtime.

1:36 AM |

Sunday, January 4, 2009
  Happy New Year 2009 Fireworks

I have been watching fireworks videos the past hour or so and I have to say Sydney's fireworks is probably one of the best in the world.

Kuala Lumpur's fireworks at One Utama and the Curve are pretty good as well but due to the video being taken by camera phones and the likes of it, I am not gonna link the video here.

London's fireworks.. Surprisingly not as interesting. There was no music to accompany the fireworks which I think is a shame cause music adds to the atmosphere.

New York. The traditional ball drop over in Times Square and the superbly grand fireworks at Central Park. The fireworks here is awesome it took my breath away. Watch it and look out for the hearts!! So amazing! So grand. I heart it! I'm sure that the million people out in the streets in New York would have enjoyed it too.

Let's leave it at that. I'm sure everyone enjoyed the fireworks display each city had to offer. But really watch the New York's fireworks. Totally heart it.

Once again Happy New Year folks.

9:50 AM |

Thursday, January 1, 2009
  Happy New Year

It's January 1st 2009 today.

It's the new year. Time for the big countdown and for fireworks and celebrations.

Was out with the usual bunch. All eight of us down by the Yarra River. But somehow I felt rather lonely. I was not in the mood to have drinks and thought that I should have spent New Years some other way.

Today I've spend most of the day thinking about times back home with my family. I miss them. Maybe that's the reason. I miss home. So much so that even Sam from work said that I look like I do not enjoy working anymore.

Well I can't wait till it's the end of the month. Chinese new year falls on the 26th which coincidentally is Australia Day. Public holiday! Woohoo long weekend :p And that very Friday I shall be flying back to Malaysia. August is finally making his way to Europe by himself. Meeting a friend or two along the way. Hope you have an awesome five weeks there! Make sure you return with gifts :) Nah, I kid. Don't bring nothing. Just stories and lots of them.

I too would like to make a trip overseas. Would be saving up a bit before that happens. Have bought my new computer a few months back. Bought lots of clothes. Am pretty satisfied at the moment so I trust myself not to go on some random shopping spree. Anyway I know Ee Lynn wants to go overseas too. And August would like to make another trip there to the other countries he would not be visiting. So maybe then we can all go together or something. Really depends on the situation then. But the thought of it is pretty fun.

I'm gonna read a book then go to bed. Tomorrow is Friday. One day back to work and it's the weekend again. I kinda am comfortable with where I am right now but I'd like to go further. Start a business? Too inexperience? Or perhaps just afraid to venture into the dark.

Anyway, have a happy new year guys. Though the financial crisis seem to be hitting harder I wish everyone the best. That you have a roof over your head. That you have food to fill your hunger. That you have family and friends to support you in whatever you do.

Hugs & kisses

10:12 PM |

Monday, December 8, 2008
  I Feel Like..


I am planning a trip back to KL and I'm looking for tickets. I am still a little hesitant about buying the tickets although I think I have scouted all possible sources for the cheapest ticket possible. And by delaying the purchase, I risk the price going higher and higher. Speaking my mind honestly, I am extremely excited and thrilled at the thought of going back. But then there is this effing storm overshadowing me and I am effing drenched in this storm!! No freaking idea what I am to do. You see I have graduated for a year now. And I still have yet to look for an accounting job. My current job a desk job which is not related to what I studied in university. To make matters worse, my mind keeps telling me that I am underpaid.

So what I need is a new job! Yes, easier said than done. Earlier this year I have the reason "waiting for my Permanent Residency" and now that I have received it, the bloody economy had to crash! Companies are downsizing - so if they are hiring, they'd probably hire someone who has better qualifications than I do. Yeah, my grades in uni are just okay. That's another regret I have to live with. But hey, I'm sure I would be a really worthy employee. I have been told by my current team leader that I am really good at what we do. Even so, prospective employers won't be able to see that in my application.

Alright so I have this trip back to KL on my mind along with looking out for new jobs. So let's see what the problem is here. Will I be back in KL when I would have just started? Wouldn't that be a terrible impression on the bosses considering I have just started. But hey, let's not think so far ahead.. What about if they schedule an interview then? DAMN!!

What else.. Let's see.. Oh house rental in Melbourne.. My younger sister would be coming here to Melbourne in February! Woohoo to that. But hey, that means I have to look for a new place to live at. Do you have any freaking idea how difficult it is to find a place here in Melbourne? I guess it would be alright if I did not mind travelling or if I had the money to pay for a more expensive place. But no! I am a poor measly fresh graduate without a proper professional job. If I were to find an expensive place to live at, there goes all my savings. And since my sister is coming here, I just do not want here to be travelling all around to get from home to uni and vice versa. She, herself, does not want that anyway. So my choices are very restricted.

So many more things in my head. I really do feel like exploding. I can feel myself kinda spinning right now. But it's good that I have been able to rant even if it's just half of what is on my mind. I just hope that things will turn out well.

I can't take anymore of this. Age really does get to you. This must be what they call quarter life crisis. It's terrible I can tell you that.

11:40 PM |